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1970 Nissan Fairlady Z 432

The Near-Mythical Fairlady Z 432. An Emerging Market Icon!

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Price $189,500
VIN PS30-00166
Exterior Color Tangerine
Interior Color Black
Mileage 95190 Kms TMU
Engine 2.0 Liter Inline DOHC 6-Cylinder no. S20001020
Transmission 5-Speed
Status Hidden
Stock FJ2007


1970 Nissan Fairlady Z 432
s/n PS30-00166, Engine no. S20001020
Tangerine with Black Interior

Unmistakable body design, superb performance, and dedicated enthusiasts following, the Datsun 240Z has become a legendary sports car. Now approaching 50 years since the development of the car that would change the face of Datsun/Nissan in America, restored 240Zs are becoming more and more sought after, commanding the attention like never before. Among the dedicated following however, is the holy grail of the 240Z lineage; the near mystical Fairlady Z432.

In the late 1960s, Nissan began development of a sports car to replace the aging Datsun 1600 and 2000. Yutaka Katayama (“Mr. K”), the president of Nissan Motor Corporation in the U.S., hired designer Albrecht von Goertz (who previously designed the BMW 507) to consult on the project. Goertz and the Nissan styling staff would develop the initial design, while Yamaha engineered the drivetrain and built the prototype. Nissan and Yamaha, unable to come to terms, shelved the project.

Unwilling to let the project sit, Nissan continued with in-house development. Chief Designer Yoshihiko Matsuo, and Assistant Designer Akio Yoshido and their team, worked tirelessly to finalize the 240Z. It debuted in October 1969 to great acclaim, offering striking styling, performance, and surprising build quality – all at an affordable price. Although the Datsun 240Z was targeted primarily at the American market, Nissan produced an exceptional version of the Fairlady Z strictly for their domestic market. Working with merger partner Prince, Nissan developed their formidable S20 straight-six engine into a competition powerhouse, culminating with the launch of the Skyline GT-R, itself a legendary JDM car. These amazing twin-cam engines graced the engine compartments of only 420 factory built 432s between 1969 and 1973, making the Fairlady Z432 both desirable and rare.

Despite the familiar looks to the standard 240Z, in many respects, the 432 is a radically different car. To begin with, the heart of the 432 is the race-bred 2 Liter DOHC six-cylinder engine. This high-revving engine featured hemispherical combustion chambers, a 24 valve cross-flow alloy head, triple Mikuni carburetors, and transistorized ignition. The engines were all assembled with special exhaust, featuring tube headers and Fujitsubo dual pipes. The engine developed 160 horsepower, feeding into a heavy-duty 5-speed gearbox, delivering power to an R192 limited slip differential. All of this resulted in a 14% improvement in power to weight ratio over the standard Z. But all this didn’t come cheap. Nissan offered the 432 at roughly double the price of a standard 240Z. The name, 432, incidentally, was derived from the engine design, featuring 4 valves per cylinder, 3 Mikuni side-draft carburetors and 2 camshafts. All 432s were produced for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM), and as such, were all RHD. Racing success proved to be significant with first place wins at the 1970 Race de Nippon, 1970 Suzuka 1000 km, and 1971 Suzuka 500 km.

This Holy Grail Z 432 is one of only a few cars available in the United States. As one might imagine, these treasures tend to stay in Japan where they are revered for their historic and performance value. Many of these cars were purchased with racing intentions and thus several have long since disappeared or been radically altered under the demands of track use. This example has not only survived, it has been treated to a driver quality restoration, consistent with the original intent of these cars.

The car has been repainted in what appears to be the original orange color, resulting in a good driver quality level finish. There are some paint imprefections along the lower body and orange peel along the rocker panels that potentially should wet sand and compound out. Overall the finish and color is consistent and glossy, though showing some signs of stone chips and minor blemishes in a few upper body areas. The hood color has been painted satin black to emulate the R version. race prepped 432 cars. Trim and rubber appears consistent with the condition throughout with minor hazing and light scratches on the bumpers as well as some imperfections in the various rubber trim and window gaskets. Glass appears to be correct with the exception of the rear hatch, which has glass from a US spec car. Further inspection of the hatch shows that the entire hatch might also have been painted green at some point. Lights, lenses and side marker lenses are all in good condition. The distinctive 432 grille is of the correct type. Wheels are tires are not factory original but give the car a nice aggressive stance.

The engine has been very nicely restored using correct factory type finishes and proper equipment per the 432 designation. Some evidence of minor touch up paint is notable on a few accessory parts. The undercarriage shows some evidence of use over the years and possibly rear quarter panel replacement

The interior is nicely finished with the correct style seats and a radio has been added to the center console. The rear uprights are covered with standard vinyl material differing from the original diamond-stitched material from the factory. For the most part, the remainder of the interior is quite nice overall, again in keeping with the general driver level condition of the restoration. The underside of the car shows some evidence of former corrosion repair along the rocker panels and the likely replacement of the floors, work which is commonplace to unibody-design cars which have spent considerable time in Japan. The car remains solid and structurally sound, and is ready to be enjoyed.

The car starts easily with the carbs choked on cold starts. The engine has a very nice raspy bark to it when tapped at idle. Response is quick and eager. Gearing is smooth and easily shifted throughout all 5 gears. The car accelerates as you might expect, coming on stronger as higher revs are achieved. The engine comes on very nicely when warmed up offering comfortable loping idle all the way up to a near thunderous roar. In 5th gear, highway cruising is smooth and effortless much as you would expect from a stock Z that has been properly sorted. While there is not much in the way of early documentation on file, a local Fairlady and Skyline expert has inspected and authenticated this example. The car has been nicely prepared for driving use and enjoyment, and is ready for long distance touring. We invite interested parties to come and inspect the car to their level of satisfaction.

Highly desirable and mythically rare, the Datsun 432Z comes with all the great racing components that would ultimately launch Datsun into the motorsports racing scene, capitalize on the growing American market, and win the hearts of enthusiasts all over the world. The 432Z offers great lineage, super performance, and rewarding long-term ownership.


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