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Buying a Car at Auction with Fantasy Junction

January 7th, 2019

Buying a Car at Auction with Fantasy Junction

From time to time, our longtime customers have asked us to help them buy cars at auction. Many high quality collector cars trade hands at auctions, but some lower quality cars also change hands at the same venues, and it can be difficult to differentiate the two from afar. Buying at auction can be a harrowing experience with expensive potential pitfalls, and we are happy to use our decades of experience in the collector car industry to help our customers make more informed buying decisions. We attend the major US auctions, and some international auctions as well.

In addition to physically inspecting the car, we can also draw on our network of industry contacts and relationships with the auction houses to look into the history of the car and potentially negotiate a sale on your behalf. After 43 years in the industry, oftentimes we are familiar the car or its owner already. Services we can perform include:
• Diligence including discussion with the auction company, shops that worked on the car, and/or consignor of the car
• Reviewing of documents
• In-person inspection of the car including driving
• Bidding
• Assistance with logistics and paperwork

If you’d like to engage the Fantasy Junction team to help you with an auction purchase, please reach out to us to discuss the process and we will be happy to assist.