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1974 Porsche
911 Carrera 2.7 MFI Euro Carrera

Desirable European-Spec MFI 2.7 Carrera with Matching Numbers. Incredible Presentation and True to CoA in Every Regard. A Collector's Grade Example Ready to be Enjoyed.

  • VIN9114600906
  • Exterior ColorOrange
  • Interior ColorBlack
  • Mileage55340 Miles
  • Engine2.7L Flat 6-Cylinder MFI
  • Engine no.*6641197*
  • Transmission5-Speed Transaxle
  • StatusSold
  • StockFJ2447


1974 Porsche 911Carrera 2.7 MFI
s/n 9114600906, engine no. *6641197*
Orange with Blue Black Interior

Among the many significant road cars that Porsche has developed, the Porsche Carrera RS is among the few that have achieved iconic status. Building on the long nose 911 as the basis, the RS offered the distinctive ducktail rear spoiler, wider rear fenders, and unique front air dam, delivering a lasting impression that endures today. The RS, with its lightened construction, thinner steel, and fiberglass bumpers, delivered street drivability with a racing pedigree engine unlike any performance car of that period. Rare and desirable even when new, Porsche quickly realized that meeting their homologation targets would not come close to serving the additional demands from eager clientele. It was clear that the RS theme would need to be a part of future offerings.

Building on the RS as inspiration, from 1974 through 1976, Porsche produced the Type 911/83 Carrera 2.7 MFI with the “G-Series” impact bumper body exclusively for the Rest of the World (ROW) markets, an internal Porsche term specifically for cars excluded from US and Canadian delivery. Surprisingly, Porsche outfitted these cars with the incredible 2.7 liter 210 bhp engine, topped with Bosch mechanical fuel injection (MFI) - the very same engine delivered in the RS. With its race-bread wear-resistant nickel-silicon carbide coated cylinders (Nickasil) this lightweight performance engine delivered peak power and plenty of low-end torque.

Offered in both Coupe and Targa body styles, the Carrera came to the US, however substantially detuned using CIS K-Jetronic injection resulting in a 50 hp reduction in order to meet demanding North American emission requirements. The 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI models however were gloriously authentic to the RS lineage sporting a 2,365lb weight (matching the Touring RS), “ducktail” or ducktail delete, or, if sold in Germany, the flat profile “whale tail” specifically fitted to meet German Road-Rule regulations.

The 1974 Carrera 2.7 MFI became an immediate darling to the European press and the darling of all US Porsche enthusiasts who could only enviously read European magazines gleefully reporting eye-watering 0-60 times of 5.5 seconds, coupled with performance and handling far above anything offered in America. The five-speed manual gearbox, independent front and rear suspension, and four-wheel disc brakes in the Carrera package were so well balanced and precise that even the most astute drivers were hard pressed to find a substantial difference in the driving traits when directly compared to the iconic RS. Just 1,036 Carrera Coupes were produced with the 2.7 liter engine in 1974. In recent years, “Euro” Carreras have become highly sought after as savvy enthusiasts discover their amazing driving traits and modest prices when compared against the highly vaulted RS models.

According to the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity
(German language version assigned August 7, 2012) issued for this car, this matching numbers Carrera 2.7 MFI was assembled at the factory and dispatched April 1, 1974, destined for delivery to Japan. Finished in Orange E7 with Blue/Black Leatherette 14 and tweed weave front seat interior. Optional equipment listed on the CoA include the Ducktail Spoiler 473, Tinted Glass 586, Air Conditioning 559, and Rectangular Fog Lights 568. Both the engine number, 6641197 and gearbox number 7348459, are recorded on the certificate, matching both units still with the car today. After residence in Japan, the car was sold to a dealer who placed it with the next owner in Switzerland. Interestingly, the next owner purchased it and the former owner bought it back again before it was then sold to Germany to what is believed to be the fourth owner. The car was then imported to the states and in 2012 was purchased by the most recent owner, a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Records accompanying the car attest to the exceptional condition this car displays both cosmetically and mechanically. Clearly the previous owners were particular about maintaining this car and the current one bringing it to the high level of excellence exhibited today. In 2012, the car was carefully evaluated by experts at Zuffenhausen Motors, Scottsdale, AZ where essentially all mechanical work would be performed consistently over the next eight years. To start the process of preservation and select restoration careful paint work was selectively performed to preserve what is believed to be the original paint of the roof, rear quarter panels, and rear engine cover. The paint was specially mixed to match the original orange color and applied to the hood, front fenders, and blended into the doors. Paint meter readings confirm these applications also noted in the receipts with the car. New black Carrera side graphics were also applied. The car was further updated with mechanical improvements including a new alternator, new platinum spark plugs, new Pirelli tires, new intake and exhaust valve covers, two new idler sprocket support arms, a chain tensioner kit update, oil and filter change, new updated oil lines, valve adjustment, and general engine tuning. At this time the engine was inspected with no evidence of cam lobe flattening, no broken head studs, no loose rocker arms and a compression check with all cylinders reported over 150 psi. Per the owner’s request, at this time the A/C unit was removed from the car and properly stored, which remains with the car for the next owner. No cuts or changes were made to the car to prevent easy reinstallation should the next owner wish to do so.

Further mechanical work continued into 2o13 with the purchase of authentic Porsche Germany supplied Fuchs wheels (front 7x15 and rear 8x15) and a complete set of correct alloy lug nuts. New seat belts and outside mirrors were also purchased as well as a manual radio antenna and a remanufactured clock. Believed to have been delivered from the factory as a radio delete car, the owner elected to install a period correct Blaupunkt radio including a genuine Porsche center speaker and speaker grille. On the invoice dated January 2, 2013, Zuffenhausen Motors reports removing the speedometer which then read 59,558 kms, calculated to be 37,016 miles which are believed to have been original to the car. In a letter sent to North Hollywood Speedometer verifying the kilometers from the removed unit, the owner supplied a US 180 mph speedometer which was fully refurbished by NHS, clocked to the corresponding accurate 37,106 miles, and returned to Zuffenhausen Motors for installation in the car. The kms speedometer was retained and accompanies the car.

Services continued into 2013 and 2014 including a new Bosch fuel pump, new Bosch ignition coil, synthetic motor oil change, and the installation of twin outlet sport mufflers which were installed without major modifications should the next owner wish to return the car to the original exhaust configuration. Here too, as with other parts included with the car, the original muffler and tail pipe assembly accompanies the car today. In 2015, a new windshield was installed, general services performed, an oil and filter change performed, and a set of 4 Pirelli tires were installed using Bosch optical alignment with settings noted on the invoice. In 2016 the previously installed fuel pump was removed, and a new German manufactured unit installed.

In 2017 with 50,677 miles showing, nearly $19,000.00 was spent at Zuffenhausen Motors to prepare the engine to a very accurate and high standard. The engine was removed from the car and completely disassembled for evaluation. The crankcase was disassembled down to the two casting halves and shipped to a highly experienced machine shop to machine and replace head studs with precision accuracy. This included new perimeter and internal studs, new cylinder head studs, crankcase cylinder bore resurfacing, and mating flange fitting. The original crankcase was then reassembled with refurbished camshafts (professionally reground and polished to as-new condition) and refurbished rocker arms. The main bearings, pistons, cylinder heads, oil pump, MFI unit, timing chains and other engine components were properly cleaned, inspected for tolerances, and reinstalled during the engine reassembly. The injection pump timing and ignition were reset, and a new oil return line installed. Valve clearance was set to .1mm, and a new flywheel and oil seal was installed. At this time, the front brake pads were replaced, and other general services including an oil change performed as itemized in the records accompanying the car. In 2019, with 53,334 miles showing, two new Pirelli tires were installed, an alignment and general service with inspection was performed, and a new driver’s side window switch was installed.

Today this vivid orange Carrera presents in excellent condition with 55,340 miles indicated.
The car is very well composed and beautifully presented, displaying a wonderful blend of restored and original features carefully cultivated over the past decade of premier care and service. The Orange paint presents beautifully with a glossy finish throughout showing smooth surface transitions, excellent quality gaskets and seals, correctly finished window trim, and beautiful Carrera graphics. The glass, body trim, emblems, and lenses are in excellent condition, particularly the satin black finishes on the window trim. The panel fit is excellent with the doors, hood, and trunk opening and closing smoothly particularly the doors which retain that fantastic precision “snap” that only a properly cared-for original factory body can convey. The underside surfaces of the hood and door jambs are finished with the same attention to detail as the exterior, including the engine lid which retains the correct metal frame over fiberglass ducktail construction. The lower front valance reveals typical minor road chips, evident upon close examination, but otherwise there are no other blemishes of significant note. The unmistakable Porsche impact bumpers fit properly to the body fitted with excellent black rubber trim and accordion sides. Often warped or distorted over prolonged outdoor exposure, these accordion pieces are very nice at all four corners. The period-correct staggered size Fuchs wheels, purchased directly from Porsche, are correctly finished with satin black inserts and lug nuts and polished alloy rims, shod with a matching set of Pirelli P6000 tires.

The interior features a beautifully finished dashboard with stunning clear and correct satin black instruments, original switches and knobs, and the five-speed manual shift lever. The carpet, headliner, visors, and surrounding interior surfaces are very nicely presented in correct materials with careful attention to detail in all areas. The front bucket seats feature the correct black leatherette and tweed woven seat inserts, which are in exceptionally nice condition. The rear seats and much of the surrounding interior appear to be original materials in excellent condition, as does the headliner. The black carpeting is in excellent condition with minor wear noted to the footwell area. The front storage compartment is exceptionally fine with correct factory appearance showing the correct VIN stamping and factory paint preparation, excellent smugglers box and lid, a correct spare tire, and other factory items in place with finishes reflective of the original specifications.

Lifting the distinctive fiberglass and metal duck-tail rear deck lid, the matching numbers engine and engine compartment reflect once again a handsome combination of originality and restoration. The engine bay and the 2.7 liter recently refurbished engine have been comprehensively addressed both cosmetically and mechanically still retaining detailed finishes including correct factory decals and labels affixed in their original locations. The undercarriage is in generally good condition showing clean surfaces overall and updated components as needed. There is no evidence of structural compromise to any of the surfaces visible when viewed during inspection. The floor is sound, suspension attachment points are in excellent visual condition, and the overall cosmetic presentation, while not for show, is certainly very satisfying, confirming the care and proper service offered by previous owners and dedicated service technicians.

Driving this Carrera, one is reminded of the exceptional performance these cars offered as descendants from the RS lineage.
The numbers matching five-speed manual gearbox is smooth and effortless with a great “feel” that reminds enthusiasts how wonderful these transmissions can be when paired with a stout engine. The car starts with a snappy bark, delighting anyone nearby with its distinctive air-cooled Porsche sound, enhanced by the sport exhaust. The hunkered down stance, ducktail attitude, and fuel injected engine all come together on the open road. The throttle response is remarkable in all gears with a progressive torque curve from the 2.7 liter engine. Crisp MFI throttle response continues through all gears, as revs climb, the engine willingly giving more and more. Early 911s are always delightful to drive, but examples with original structure, excellent mechanicals and rewarding cosmetics are all the more exciting in the hands of appreciative enthusiasts. The car is accompanied by detailed service invoices documenting the past decade of mechanical services, oil changes, and cosmetic detailing. A copy of the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, an original factory Porsche tool kit, the original kms speedometer, the major factory A/C components removed from the car including the dashboard ducting, the original muffler and tail pipe assembly, misc. engine and accessory parts removed from the engine, and some minor trim parts.

Certainly any 911 offers timeless beauty and performance, but this 1974 Porsche Carrera 2.7 MFI lives up to the ambitious performance objectives established by the legendary 1973 RS cousin. Built to meet the increased demand for the RS, the 1974 Carrera is a hidden gem, quietly known only to enthusiasts who recognize the direct connection to the race bred RS. Today, ROW MFI Carreras are quickly becoming more sought after by astute collectors awakening to the fantastic attributes of these RS descendants. This Carrera is poised and ready for Porsche shows, events, and enjoyable driving, surely to delight its next owner with the rarity and engineering excellence worthy of the Porsche name.

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