SOLD 07/23

1973 Porsche
911 Carrera RS 2.7

The legendary 2.7 RS! Strong driving example with original upholstery Houndstooth over Factory Recaro Sport Seats.

  • VIN9113601367
  • Exterior ColorSilver
  • Interior ColorBlack Hounds Tooth
  • Mileage16537 Kilometers (TMU)
  • Engine2.7L Flat 6-Cylinder
  • Transmission
  • StatusSold
  • StockFJ2762


1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7

Chassis Number – 9113601367
Exterior Color – Silver
Interior Color – Black
Engine Type – 2.7 Liter air-cooled six-cylinder
Gearbox – 5-speed manual
Current Kilometers – 16,514 kms (TMU)
Current Owner - Purchased in 2015 with 14,899 kms

General History

Few cars can compare to the fury unleashed by a Porsche Carrera RS. Draped in the quintessential long nose and trimmed with desirable small bumpers, the iconic 911 is enhanced by the distinctive ducktail rear spoiler, wider rear fenders, and unique front air dam. The Rennsport name (race sport in German - abbreviated to RS) offered lightened construction, thinner steel, and fiberglass bumpers, combining street drivability with a racing pedigree. The newly modified 210 bhp, 2,687 cc SOHC air-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine featured Nikasil coated cylinder linings, Bosch mechanical fuel injection, and a five-speed manual transmission. In addition to the exceptional independent suspension, four-wheel ventilated disc brakes provided much needed stopping power to haul down from the speeds the RS could achieve. Weighing in at a mere 2,370 pounds, the Carrera RS could hit 150 mph top speed coupled with a jaw dropping 0- 60 time of just 5.5 seconds. Since its launch, Porsche’s 1973 Carrera RS continues to dominate both enthusiast and collector communities as one of the top ten collectable Porsches.

The origin of the Carrera RS began in the early 70s when FIA launched a new series for production-based sports cars. The RS featured flared rear wheel arches to accommodate wider wheels, numerous deletions, and alterations to reduce weight, improved suspension, and a few cosmetic alterations, which together would become the car's trademark. With its distinctive contrasting striping, simple and functional 'burzel' or ducktail, the styling of the RS became iconic and trendsetting. The real treat, however, was behind the wheel. The RS epitomized the ultimate Porsche experience with its communicative suspension, chassi balance, and nimbleness. Although Porsche sales executives balked at the possibility of selling 500 units, the Carrera RS debuted at the 1973 Paris Auto Show to rave reviews, selling not only one series of 500 units, but building a second and ultimately a third set of 500 units totaling just 1,580 units in total production, making it both rare and desirable decades after debut.

History of this Porsche

According to RS expert David Molhman, the first owner of this Carrera RS was Karl Conrad, an employee of Porsche from 1958 to 1976. Although Conrad retained the car until the late 1980s, a factory replacement engine was installed in 1975 after the original engine pulled a head stud. The transmission was also replaced during this period and since both the engine and transmission were factory replacements, both are factory unstamped cases and remain in the car today.

Originally finished in light yellow, the car was repainted silver in 1976. Because of Conrad’s connection to Porsche, this paint was performed at the factory. The silver metallic is a virtually unseen color on the RS due to the initial difficulty adhering metallic paint to the fiberglass bodywork components unique to the RS. In 1980, Conrad moved to the US, bringing the car with him where he enjoyed continued ownership until December 1988. The second owner of record, a doctor and resident of Georgia had the car professionally stripped and repainted in 1992, eventually selling it to the third owner in 1996, who sold it to the fourth owner in 1999, trading it for cash and a 1974 Carrera. This fourth owner retained the car until 2014 being careful to replace items with Porsche NOS parts when needed, adding a set of original upholstery houndstooth finished factory Recaro seats, and exhibiting the car at various PCA concours events where it received several first-place awards when exhibited.

On behalf of previous owner David Mohlman, in 2015, Fantasy Junction sold this example to the current owner, an active contemporary professional racer who has been on the podium at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and won his class at the 24 Hours of Daytona. Shortly after purchase the owner commissioned Porsche experts at Eason Autoworks, Oakland, CA to perform mechanical work on the car. At that time the odometer indicated 14,941 kms. Eason removed the fuel injection for servicing and addressed the suspension. Work included overhauling the front control arms. new tie rod assemblies, new ball joints, strut mounts, sway bar drop link bushing, spring plate bushing, and transmission nose cone. Additional work included fresh fluids, spark plugs, new intake manifold gasket, a new brake hose, and a new speedometer cable. This invoice totaled almost $10,000. Regular services continued under current ownership in 2017 with DeJung Motorsport, Cotati, CA tending to electrical items, fluids, and installing a new preheater hose. In 2021, services performed by Seitz European Motors included installing two hood struts, engine lid strut and installing new firewall heat shielding.
Condition and Overview

Today this Carrera presents in excellent condition best described as a high-driver level presentation. The overall silver finish is glossy throughout showing smooth surface transitions, very good quality rubber gaskets and seals, correctly finished window trim, and black Carrera graphics. The panel fit is excellent with the doors, engine lid, and front trunk opening and closing smoothly, revealing clean underside hood and decklid surfaces and door jambs finished with similar attention to detail afforded on the exterior. The beautiful metallic silver paint is further enhanced by a pair of hood-mounted accessory road lamps with matching silver housings, and yellow lens fog lamps with chrome housings, mounted over the front fender vents. The combined lighting, Carrera graphics, and ducktail spoiler make for an impressive visual result enhanced by additional unique RS touches. The small profile front and rear bumpers fit properly to the body with excellent black rubber surrounds. The factory correct staggered size Fuchs wheels are finished with satin black recesses. A set of 2015 date coded Pirelli P6000 radial tires are mounted. The bottom area of the front valance reveals a few minor road chips, evident upon close examination, but nothing that detracts from the otherwise handsome presentation. The Sekurit and Sigla branded glass, body trim, emblems, and lenses are in excellent condition, though a lower portion of the driver’s side windshield corner is foggy due to glass layer delamination. The overall exterior condition of the car is quite satisfying including the fantastic stance and dramatic RS graphics contrasting the silver color.

The interior features a beautifully finished dash with stunning clear and correct satin black instruments. The 300 kph speedometer currently indicates 16,514 kms, while the original switches, knobs, and five-speed manual shift lever all present in excellent condition. The carpet, headliner, visors, and surrounding interior surfaces are very nicely presented in correct materials with careful attention to details in all areas. A pair of Recaro seats have been trimmed with houndstooth fabric inserts. The original rear seating, beautiful steering wheel, correct headliner, and Porsche ownership plaque naming the first owner, are among the few of many delightful details presented in the interior. The front storage compartment is nicely finished showing correct factory items in place with finishes reflective of the original specifications and matching VIN and factory riveted aluminum ID plate.

Lifting the distinctive duck-tail rear deck lid, the 2.7-liter engine and engine compartment reflect a handsome combination of original features and dedicated mechanical preservation. The engine bay and engine have been cosmetically and mechanically addressed, displaying modest patina and careful detailing including correct factory decals and labels affixed in their original locations, correct colors and finishes, and correct factory hardware. The undercarriage is in excellent condition showing clean surfaces overall and no evidence of structural compromise to the floor or suspension mounting points. The engine and transmission casting are in excellent condition while the suspension components, brakes, exhaust, and heat exchangers appear in very good condition overall.

Driving this Carrera, one is reminded of the exceptional performance these cars offered as direct descendants of the RS lineage. The car starts with a snappy bark, immediately capturing nearby ears with its distinctive air-cooled Porsche sound. The raspy, hunkered down stance and ducktail confidence deliver on their promises once on the road. The throttle response is wonderful moving through all gears via the smooth and effortless five-speed manual gearbox. Legendary torque curve from the 2.7-liter engine and crisp MFI throttle response yields a visceral combination of power and joy as revs furiously climb. Steering and braking further confirm the vaulted status these cars have rightfully earned.

This is an excellent opportunity to acquire a well-sorted RS with known history and unique presence. Offered in Porsche silver with auxiliary lamps, Carrera graphics, and houndstooth sport seats, this RS is a standout at any Porsche event. Perfectly suited to drive, enter in club tours, or show with confidence at many local gatherings or PCA events, this Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 captures every element of the Rennsport tradition.

Included with this car

This Carrera RS is accompanied by a set of tools in a tool roll, owner’s books and factory red case, a Porsche jack, copies of service invoices while under current ownership, and four keys.

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