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1980 Porsche
Carrera GT Specification 924 Turbo

US Delivery 924 Turbo Commissioned and Built to Carrera GT Configuration by Sewickley Porsche. Box Flares, 15-inch Wheels and Martini-Pattern Recaros, Emblematic of the Period. Newly Installed Rebuilt Turbo. An Interesting and Usable Modern Classic Porsche.

  • VIN93A0152123
  • Exterior ColorMinerva Blue
  • Interior ColorBlack w/ Martini inserts
  • Mileage126523 Miles
  • Engine2L Turbo Inline 4-Cylinder
  • Transmission5-Speed Transaxle
  • StatusSold
  • StockFJ2453


1980 Porsche Carrera GT Specification 924 Turbo
s/n 93A0152123
Minerva Blue with Black/Blue Martini-Pattern Interior

Engage in conversation with any Porsche enthusiast and eventually the Porsche Carrera Turbo will come up as the icon of sports car excellence. But Porsche did not limit their prodigious engineering capabilities exclusively to the 911 architecture. Turbocharging technology found its way into several experimental Porsche engineering concepts, eventually arriving in one of the most important volume production Porsches in the history of their development, the 924. Originally conceived as a replacement for the 914, the 924 made its debut in 1975, selling a remarkable 150,000 units before concluding production in 1988. The 924 was so popular that when it was scheduled for replacement by the 944, 924 sales refused to yield, so the 924 continued in production, concurrent with the 944 which launched in 1983.

Originally a partnership with Volkswagen, the changing times and fuel climate of the early 70s abruptly altered that union, leaving Porsche to produce and market the 924 as their own, while VW chose to focus on their Golf and Scirocco offerings, more suited to fuel-economy. With Audi supplying engine and gearbox units, including a first for Porsche - an automatic transmission, the 924 offered great performance at an affordable price. For many, the 924 introduced Porsche ownership to a new generation of enthusiasts, combining performance, excellent road manners, and reliability in a car that could be readily serviced and easily maintained. The unique styling was also highly celebrated particularly in that it echoed the top-level front engine water cooled Porsche; the 928. Though the initial 924 was celebrated for its combination of fuel-economy and reliability, performance officially woke up in 1980 when a KKK Turbocharger was added, making it a true performance car on a par with the Porsche name. Offered for just a few years, the 1980 model Turbo saw US production delivery of just 3,440 units. That same year, 406 rare factory Carrera GT models were produced. The Carrera offered many improvements over the Turbo but the most notable were the exterior enhancements that transformed the 924 Turbo, giving it a unique visual signature, punctuated by radically improved performance.

In contrast to a factory built 924 Carrera GT, which were never delivered to the USA, this example was a standard US-delivery 924 Turbo, built up to its current configuration when new. On March 14, 1981, William Braunlich Jr. took delivery of this 924 Turbo from Sewickley Porsche, in Sewickley, PA. Braunlich agreed to take delivery on the car with the provision that the dealership transform the car into a 924 Carrera GT, inspired by the cars Porsche built for Le Mans homologation. Rebadged by the dealership as a Carrera GT, this dealer special was fitted with factory constructed fiberglass body panels consisting of factory GT front fenders, GT rear fender flares mounted over the original metal rear fenders, and a factory GT nose/bumper assembly. The car was prepared and painted to match the Minerva Blue factory color by Greater Pittsburg Collision. At that time, Sewickley Porsche arranged to have the car fitted with Martini cloth interior for the Recaro seats, the installation of a competition roll bar, and 16” Phone Dial alloy wheels. The chassis was lowered at the dealership by 1.2” in order to give it the proper Carrera GT stance.

Under the hood, the 2.0 Liter Turbocharged factory engine was fitted with an alloy cylinder head with 10% silicon content to manage the heat. The KKK K26 turbocharged was adjusted to suit the engine and larger exhaust valves, repositioned spark plugs, breakerless electronic ignition, a larger radiator, and an external oil cooler were also added, while Bosch CIS fuel injection took care of air/fuel duties all mated to a factory G31 five-speed manual gearbox. The original owner drove the car moderately, eventually selling it in 1984 with just 8,300 miles. The buyer, Thomas Tiernan drove the car until 1988 when he stored it with 19,200 miles showing on the odometer. In 2007, Tiernan sold the car to his good friend Thierry Verstraeten who began a sensitive reconditioning of the car in order to bring it back to driving condition. Exoticars Pittsburgh was enlisted to perform the work cleaning and coating the fuel tank, replacing the main and transfer fuel pumps, installing numerous turbo hoses, brake rotors, pads, new brake lines, new alternator and fuel accumulator. The clutch and clutch master cylinder, brake fluid reservoir, master cylinder, and seals were also replaced.

By 2014 this 924 was featured in the November 2014 issue of Porsche Panorama Magazine, then showing 22,500 miles with regular service from Fast Company in Pittsburgh. By 2017 the car was fitted with new tires, new wastegate gaskets, a new exhaust donut, new oxygen sensor, a new tie rod, and a new battery. A set of 15” Fuchs wheels were also installed, front 7”, rear 8”. In January 2021 the current consigning owner delivered the car to Berkeley, CA Porsche specialists RetroSport for extensive service totaling over $25,000.00. Service included the installation of a rebuilt K26 turbocharger, European spec intake manifold, throttle body, and fuel injection components, and the installation of an original Langerer and Reich intercooler as well as fabricating mounting brackets and fittings to original specifications. The older non-compliant exhaust downpipe was removed, and a new California compliant catalytic converter was installed. Further work included removing and installing the front control arms and cross member, which were bead blasted and painted as needed. During this time the front of the engine was easily accessible, so it was cleaned, and a new water pump, radiator, and thermostat were installed along with a new timing belt. The front of the engine was reassembled, detailed, and new hoses installed. The distributor was rebuilt, the oil pan removed, cleaned, and reinstalled with a new gasket, as well as the oil and filter changed with fresh synthetic oil, new spark plugs, new distributor carp, rotor, and wires replaced. The car was detailed, including the front air dam which was repaired and repainted on the inside and outside, a new hood pad installed, and the fuel injection and timing set along with the boost set to 8 lbs. Currently showing 26,500 miles, the miles are believed to have rolled over since records accompanying the car indicate miles of 120,149 in 2007 and in 2010 after recommissioning from long term storage.

Today this one-of-a-kind dealer special Carrera GT represents a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiast to drive and enjoy a truly unique performance car from this era. The car retains the original paint, as confirmed by paint depth readings on all factory metal surfaces. The paint surface is glossy throughout with very nice high quality driver level finish overall. There is some minor checking in the clear coat on select upper surfaces, primarily the roof. The rubber gaskets, seals, and anodized window trim are all in very good condition. The handsome 15” staggered width Fuchs and Continental tires finish off the purposeful look and stance of the car. The glass, body trim, emblems, lenses and Turbo script are in very nice condition. The overall visual condition of the car is cohesive and impressive, especially considering the unique exterior color, combined with the distinctive Turbo hood NACA duct, hood scoop, and GT body features.

The black and blue interior features largely original materials most of which have been preserved including the dashboard, various trim panels, knobs, and switches. The Martini pattern Recaro seats and matching door panels are in very good condition, completing a wonderful color contrast to the vivid Minerva Blue exterior. The interior is very much reflective of a Porsche that has been enjoyed and can be continually enjoyed today without reservation or worry concerning pristine cosmetics. There are some sun cracking in the upper facing dash material. The rear storage compartment is clean and tidy with some fading to what appears to be the original carpet. The dealer installed roll bar is in place, properly mounted to the inner rear fender substructure. The removable sunroof panel can be easily unlatched by one person, and conveniently stored in the rear hatch area.

Under the hood, the engine and engine compartment are clean, nicely detailed and representative of factory correct condition with evidence of service and generally thoughtful care. The engine bay remains remarkably stock with factory components properly in place and some evidence of age to a few areas. The engine finishes are generally correct, as are the largely accurate mounting hardware and various hoses, some of which have been more recently replaced with proper aftermarket Porsche spec. parts. The undercarriage is as you might expect from an original and unmodified car, showing no significant damage to the floor or support structure. Though the underside exhibits evidence of regular use, it has been properly cleaned and tended to, resulting in far better cosmetic condition than typically seen in cars of this vintage.

Driving manners are a reminder of how well the 924 Turbo performed especially in the context of the times. The G31 five-speed manual gearbox is smooth and effortless offering excellent second and third gear Turbo boost excitement especially on twisty roads. Throttle response is very good up to highway speeds as the revs come on with surging authority when downshifting to pass. Cornering is very nice with tight and responsive steering due to the lowered stance and wider wheels. Having driven many other Porsches over the years, this 924 has a delightful character about it, in part due to the unique performance treatment, but also as an example of clever aesthetic choices that make for a rewarding ownership experience. Drivers who’ve never experienced the 924 Turbo quickly realize the performance and capability of these cars within minutes behind the wheel. The car is accompanied by a Porsche original owner’s manual, Porsche warranty booklet, and Porsche maintenance supplement booklet, a set of tools and tool roll, an emergency tire inflation kit, “The Outfield” stereo cassette tape, and a small bottle of Minerva Blue matching touch up paint.

This unique Porsche dealer built 924 Turbo Carrera GT with rare factory GT body treatment has been thoughtfully preserved with consistency and preservation by knowledgeable Porsche enthusiasts since commissioned new at Sewickley Porsche. With one-of-a-kind fender and nose treatment, 15-inch Fuchs wheels, Martini-Pattern Recaro seats and interior, this 924 Turbo Carrera GT captures the spirit of the 1980s as a unique and enjoyable modern classic Porsche.

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